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Pamper your furry friend with our soothing bath and gentle brush service.

We rid your pet’s coat of dirt and tangles, leaving them glowing and ready for snuggles.

Come to PAWMART and let your pet experience a day filled with grooming glamour!

Included In This Service

While pet grooming is an essential part of your home routine, it can be challenging to fit into your busy schedule. Or perhaps, your furry friend is not so keen on cooperating during a grooming session. This is where PAWMART comes in!

One of our highly sought-after offerings is the Bath and Brush service, perfectly tailored to address the specific needs of your pet. A visit to PAWMART means treating your furry friend to a day of pampering and polish. Our bath and brush dog grooming service is an all-inclusive package that features a Full Bath, Brush Out and Ear Cleaning.

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Our Bath and Brush Process

At PAWMART, we have a unique, loving approach to our Bath and Brush process. Our trained groomers ensure that your dog’s experience with us is comfortable, enjoyable, and nothing less than a royal treatment. We start with a gentle, full-body warm dog bath using canine-friendly, hypoallergenic shampoos. After the bath, your dog will experience our expert Brush Out technique to remove any dead fur and delicately detangle the coat, leaving it light and fluffed. Nail trimming ensures your pet’s healthy paws and prevents any discomfort or infection. As a part of this package, the Face and Paw Trim not only ensures an adorable appearance but also helps your pet to see, smell, and move better. We end with a meticulous Ear Cleaning process to prevent infections and keep the ears healthy.

The Perks Your Pup Will Enjoy

Comfort and Freshness:

Our Bath and Brush service provides your pet with a deep cleanse, leaving their coat fluffy, smooth, and smelling heavenly, boosting their overall comfort and freshness.

Health Check:

During the grooming session, our professionals can identify any underlying skin issues or parasites, ensuring early detection and treatment, contributing immensely to your pet’s overall health.

Comfort and Stress Relief:

Sight and Mobility Enhancement: The Face and Paw trim ensures clear vision and unimpeded movement for your dog, boosting their confidence, and keeping them fuss-free.

Healthy Ears:

Our Ear Cleaning as part of the Bath and Brush service helps prevent infections, giving your dog the gift of clean, healthy ears and ensuring their sharp hearing ability.

Our Paws-itive Reviews

PAWMART & Doggies and Bubbles are now joined together!