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We add an extra dash of fun to grooming sessions with our playful bubble bath dog grooming service.

Watch as your pet immerse themselves in our sea of bubbles, ensuring full clean, radiant fur and lasting happiness.

Included In This Service

Our special Bubble Bath service is designed not just to refresh your dog, but to create a joyful and soothing experience that they will look forward to. Our loving staff taps into their in-depth understanding of dogs to ensure that each and every pet gets an enjoyable and fun experience. The Bubble Bath service involves some of the most unique and pleasant treatments in the industry, designed to give your dog a healthy glow while restoring their spirits.

We believe that a dog bubble bath is not just about cleanliness—it should be about comfort, stimulation, and memorable moments. Our commitment to providing a fun and caring environment makes us a favorite among our canine friends and their loving owners across Toronto.

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Our Bubble Bath Process

Our Bubble Bath process for dogs at PAWMART is more than a simple wash—it’s an affair to remember. We begin by warmly welcoming your pet to our friendly environment, ensuring they feel comfortable and safe. Our trained professionals then gently introduce your pet to the warm bath filled with bubbles, allowing them to acclimate to the whimsical environment.

We then use specially designed, premium shampoos and conditioners to cleanse and rejuvenate their coats gently. Our staff pays special attention to ensure that each bath is tailored to the individual dog’s needs and preferences, considering their breed, skin sensitivity, and coat type. A comforting rinse and a thorough dry follow this.

The final result is a happy, sparkling clean pet accompanied by a beautifully conditioned coat.

The Perks Your Pup Will Enjoy

Personalized Care:

Every dog has unique needs, and we understand that. Our bubble bath service is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your pet, providing a personal touch that they’ll love.

Anxiety Relief:

Our gentle and caring approach provides an anxiety-free bathing experience. The fun atmosphere of the bubble bath service relaxes your pet, relieving stress and promoting overall well-being.

Coat Nourishment:

Our specially designed bubble bath service nourishes the coat, promotes shine, and maintains healthy skin, leaving your dog looking fabulous and feeling absolutely great.

Refreshing Experience:

Your dog will enjoy a refreshing experience, making bath time something they look forward to rather than dread. Our fun bubble bath transforms regular baths into a joyful experience.

Our Paws-itive Reviews

PAWMART & Doggies and Bubbles are now joined together!