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Keeping your dog’s nails in check can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered with our expert nail clipping service. Precision and patience are at the heart of this service, providing your pet with a safe, worry-free nail grooming experience.

Included In This Service

One of our most appreciated services is our professional nail clipping for dogs. Unlike regular at-home trimming, our exclusive nail cut and nail filing service offers an exceptional grooming experience for your beloved canine.

With this service, your pup receives optimum health benefits while maintaining the beauty of their paws. Let us manage those pesky, fast-growing nails so your dog can play freely without any discomfort.

Remember that nail care is not just about appearance; it’s a crucial part of a dog’s health and well-being.

Our trained professionals will handle it with the utmost care because, at PAWMART, we believe in providing a service that guarantees the comfort and happiness of your dog.

Visit us today at 1402 Yonge and St. Clair to experience the best care for your furry friend.

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Our Nail Clipping Process

You must be curious about how we manage the delicate process of nail clipping for dogs.

At PAWMART, we have developed a tried and tested dog grooming and nail clipping routine that ensures a safe, accurate, and compassionate process. Everything we do is focused on the comfort and well-being of your faithful friend. It starts by creating a serene environment to keep your buddy relaxed and hassle-free.

Our proficient groomers then gently hold your dog’s paw and identify the quick (the sensitive part of the nail that can cause bleeding if cut).
Using professional-quality tools, they gently yet steadily clip the nails avoiding the quick. We then smoothen the nails with a filing process to eliminate any sharp edges and give the nails an even, neat finish.
Our thoughtful and meticulous process ensures that dog toe nail clipping becomes a soothing activity rather than a stressful trip.

The Perks Your Pup Will Enjoy

Improved Mobility:

Regular nail clipping facilitates better paw health, leading to improved mobility. Your dog can play, run and walk efficiently without any discomfort caused by overgrown nails.

Pain Prevention:

Overly long nails can cause pain and pressure on your dog’s toes. Regular nail clipping helps in preventing unnecessary discomfort, fostering a happier and pain-free lifestyle.

Injury Avoidance:

Untrimmed nails can split or break painfully. Timely nail trimming mitigates the chances of such injuries, ensuring your dog’s overall safety and wellbeing.

Good Hygiene:

Regular nail clipping contributes to maintaining good hygiene in your dog. It prevents the buildup of dirt and bacteria, reducing the risk of infections and diseases.

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