Say Goodbye To The Germs Of Your Pet Beds

Regularly washing the bed linens of your pet dog or cat is key to their wellbeing and keeping parasites or germs at bay – this also keeps their environment cleaner! Below are a few more tips for maintaining an uncontaminated space for them to sleep on!

Frequent washing: Clean your pet’s bedding frequently; at the very least once each week if possible, using pet-safe detergents to do this task.

Hot Water and high heat: Washing bedding in hot, soapy water will be enough to kill parasites and germs; additionally, drying it at high temperatures should eliminate any potential pathogens remaining on it.

Vacuuming: Before washing bedding, vacuum it first to collect any loose fur or dirt that may accumulate – this helps lower the dirt content in your washing machine and keeps its load cleaner for longer!

Sunlight Exposition: When possible, place bedding directly under sunlight in order to dry as quickly and completely as possible – direct sunlight acts as an excellent natural disinfectant that kills germs quickly.

Consider Multiple Bedding Sets for Your Pet: Purchase multiple bedding sets so you can switch out sets while washing one, providing your pet with a fresh place to sleep each night.

Groom Your Pet Regularly:Grooming your pet on an ongoing basis can significantly decrease the amount of dirt and fur on its bedding, keeping your home cleaner.

Watch Out for Signs of Infestation: Keep a close watch on your pet’s behavior and their skin condition, taking note if there are signs of irritation, itching or unusual behavior from them. Consult a vet if any abnormal behavior develops such as excessive scratching.

As part of maintaining their overall health and creating a safer home environment for your animal, keeping their bedding tidy will play an essential role.

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