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Say Goodbye To The Germs Of Your Pet Beds

Regularly washing the bed linens of your pet dog or cat is key to their wellbeing and keeping parasites or germs at bay – this also keeps their environment cleaner! Below are a few more tips for maintaining an uncontaminated space for them to sleep on! Frequent washing: Clean your pet’s bedding frequently; at the very…

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Understanding L-Lysine for Cats: Considerations, Benefits and Usage

Introduction:L-Lysine is an essential amino-acid, widely recognized for its use as a supplement to maintain feline health. It can help treat feline herpesvirus infections (FHV-1) more effectively and is especially recommended by veterinarians when dealing with FHV-1 infections. In this article we discuss its role, benefits, how to administer it correctly, as well as any considerations…

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